Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Illustrations by Maria Monescillo


19 Very Nice Illustration Pics by Maria Monescillo

Sourse: http://monescillo.com


Amazing Backgrounds by Patrick Gunderson


Through my education in fine arts, to my experience scripting animation and logic, I’ve earned the rank of Sr Designer at NFL.com. I think with both sides of my brain and wrap it all around complex projects.

I’m an artist who specializes in pixels, but have been known to make pretty things in the analog world as well. The walls of my studio apartment are covered with art, mostly mine.

I started programming with my TI-85 during Trig class in between marching band practices. Yeah, I was a geek, so what, I’m cool now. I write class based Actionscript 2.0, 3.0 and PHP (I designed and wrote my previous site from scratch but have moved over to Wordpress.)

While I consider myself primarily web based, I have also worked as a photographer, documenting Washington State Cougar athletics since 2001. I have been nearly run over by players crashing to the sideline 3 times, but was saved either by the unfortunate photog to my left or a concerned onlooker tugging on my jacket from behind.

by Patrick Gunderson

Sourse: http://pat.theorigin.net




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